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Hey folks! My name’s Rigel, and I’m a NUDIST …until the weather gets cold, that is!

I can be shy around new people and new dogs, but I’m a real Casanova once I get to know ya! My mom has a warm and cozy lap, but my favourite spot is right on her chest where I can steal ALL the kisses (Mom says I’ve got stinky breath, but my dog friends don’t seem to mind…silly hoomans ). I’m working on gaining independence when people are around, and I’m a real good quiet boy in my crate. In fact, I’ve only barked a couple times when my foster-sister showed me the ropes. She’s the best! I’m slowly learning how to play, but I don’t quite understand toys yet. I’d rather do zoomies and back flips on the bed… yeeehawww!!! I also get along great with cats!

I have an excellent appetite, I like mealtime so much that I show appreciation with my naked happy dance! I also love to explore on leash, zigzagging my way to new adventures – just don’t forget the sunscreen! If you’re a fellow fashionista, count me in – I looooove a cute and comfy ensemble. Overall, I’m just the  bestest companion dog, so what are you waiting for?! Let’s get our snuggle on!