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My human keeps saying “Raz” and looking at me. I didn’t get it at first but I think that’s what my name is, or she’s just weird. Either way I like it and I’m gonna keep it. I think it’s short for Razzle Dazzle, or maybe Razberry? I like Razberry.

I know how to sit, which comes in handy when I want to play fetch and need my human to throw a ball! I love tennis balls! OH! and my stuffed broccoli. OH! and my stuffed donut. Mmmm donuts… wait where was I? Oh yes my donut. There’s not much left to it and I ate the squeaker part, so hopefully I get a new squeaky thing soon.

One of my favourites is giving bear hugs. Bear hugs standing up, bear hugs lying down. Bear hugs all around! (Did I just rhyme?!) If I can’t bear hug you I’ll make sure to sit close enough that I’m always touching you. Maybe one day I’ll give more space but for now I like it this way!

I love meeting fellow canines, although sometimes they seem scared of me. Apparently I come on too strong… maybe I need a better pickup line? Once I get to meet them I settle down and show my true charm. In terms of these feline creatures, rumour on the street is I need to meet one and I’ve been told to be on my best behaviour… I’ll try my best and report back.

When I’m home alone or around at night while my humans are counting sheep, I’m pretty chill. I entertain myself and find a comfy spot to relax, usually on my cozy bed with my donut. Mmm donuts. Wait I’m side tracked again. OH RIGHT! Being alone. I definitely don’t love being alone and would prefer to go to work every day with my human or have someone around, but I’m okay to be left alone too when necessary.

I will be honest, things on wheels scare me. Especially the two-wheeled kind. I’m learning to behave but something inside me gets fired up! I’ll learn to control my emotions and hopefully get a human that can help me be my best me.

Anywho, if you’d like to meet me, submit an application! and please come prepared with a squeaky toy that lasts.

I gotta go – I see a squirrel.