Raphael is looking for a totally tubular dude (or dudette) to be his pawrent! Raphie for short- loves anything or anyone that walks and talks. He thinks “Cats? Yea man! They’re strange furry dogs that get to poop inside. Dogs? Playmates, nap-mates, running-mates. Humans? The holder of dinner & carrots, hands to give lots belly rubs and pitcher to throw toys. “

Raphael is hoping for a fun home where he can play with others, have a comfy bed to share at night and snuggle with his people. Since Raphael doesn’t have a job, he doesn’t mind being left alone during the day as long as he has his toys and fur mates to keep him company. When his family comes home, all he wants to do is tell them about his day, relax on the couch with dinner and go to bed early. BONUS He doesn’t snore so you won’t need to worry about that keeping you up at night 😉

Though Raphie is 7 years old he has the spirit of a young dog and can keep up with everyone big or small! But he also has a gentle heart and is very patient if someone or something is afraid of him. He just wants everyone to love him