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Hi guys, I’m Presto!

Look at my name, I was meant to be a Torontonian so that I can be a transit officer. Just like my name, I’m always on the go. There will never be a dull moment when having me around. I will make sure to entertain you with my silly dance moves. Oh I can easily find a perfect angle to lay on your chest so less work for you to snuggle with me. I’ll make sure to shower you with lots of kisses! Oh did I mention I look like a little reindeer? That means it always feels like Christmas time when having me around, full of love and joy. I’m house broken, and I’m an expert going in and out of the elevator. I’m new to the city so going on walks to explore my new neighbourhood is very exciting! I’m always happy to see people and doggo friends on my walks.

Being a proud Canadian, I’m hoping to find my forever home soon. Adopt me, I’m the most loving dog you ever see! Remember me, reindeer Presto!