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Posey is a young pup who’s beaming with happiness! This girl is all smiles all the time. She is super friendly and loves to meet new people. She loves to cuddle up on any lap that’s unoccupied; she’s a total lap dog. She enjoys her walks and being able to explore the outdoors. When that nose of hers hits the ground you know she’s onto something good! Posey is working on her manners and her other basics such as leash walking, and she’s already improving! She’s a smart girl and learns fast, in fact she already knows to sit, shake a paw and is totally cool to hang out in her crate. She’s a playful girl who loves to be where the action is and is known to create her own action if there’s nothing going on! She’ll bring a toy over and drop it by your feet to initiate a fun play session. Posey gets along great with the resident cat and dog and would be fine to go to a home with other canine or feline friends. She’ll make a great addition to the family and will be sure to put a smile on your face. A life with Miss Posey will never have a dull moment!