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This beautiful sweet pea is captivating with her gorgeous markings and a personality to match.
She is such a loving soul with a great temperament.
She wants to be near her human and get lots of belly rubs and affection! She will also make herself comfortable on the sofa.
She is currently house trained and is doing remarkably well with crate training. Of course she must be coaxed to get in the crate, but settles in great for the night. Tomorrow will be the test of time to see how she will do while I’m at work.
She is also quick to pick up basic commands and is starting to sit at the door to come in and to get treats.
She seems to walk well on leash but can be a little timid of the new surroundings and noises, so reassuring her helps her to feel comfortable.
She is slowly learning to adapt to the Canadian climate as she is quick as bunny and will beat you to the door to get back inside.
She does well with car rides.
She is friendly and will greet dogs and humans.
She is currently living with her two fur foster brothers and likes to get kisses and give them back. They have been doing the big brother thing and checking up on her since she got back from being spayed.
Portia will no doubt steal your heart and a spot on your sofa. She will make a great addition to any family.