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Pickles! This dog is part goofball, part snuggle bug, and 43lb of pure love. Pickles is very affectionate and loves to give kisses to everyone he meets. It doesn’t matter who you are he will want to say hi, and you will quickly fall in love with this cutie, we promise.

Training? No problem. He is a smart and active dog. He loves to learn new tricks, and he learns them pretty quick. He already knows sit, stay, wait (for going down multiple flights of stairs while on leash), and lie down. With more training, he will perfect fetch outside (already a pro inside), and has started learning shake-a-paw.  He is continuing his leash training and has already made huge progress. He is also potty trained. What about crate training you ask? He loves his crate and happily sleeps all night curled up with his blanket. He also goes into the crate during the day when no one is home. Ok ok, but he must bark right? Nope. Not at people, not at other dogs who walk by, and not even at the squirrels.

He is very friendly to other dogs and loves to play. Even if they are barking at him (he will sit or stop where he is and watch them as they go by, like “no play?”). Pickles has even been known to lie down and let small dogs come to him.

He is best suited for a home with  no cats.  No children under 12, as per our organization-wide adoption policy.

Overall, Pickles is a sweetheart. He will try to lie on you and then roll over on his back for belly rubs (while still on you haha). Anyone would be lucky to have this cutie, because he is kind of a big dill.