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Pancho grew up in a very hot and humid backyard in Texas. His family moved and left him behind. A kind rescuer took Pancho in and gave him comfort in the grief of losing his family.

Resilient as ever, Pancho has continued to thrive in his foster home and become a REAL charmer. He loves his foster siblings (especially Bella, the Yellow Lab) and foster mom. He’s smart, a quick learner, and loves to cuddle up on a comfy share.

He’s housebroken and would do well in a home or an apartment. He is sweet natured and very kind. We haven’t had much interest in him, maybe people can’t see all the love he has to offer, or how vibrant red and soft his coat is.

Pancho is definitely a dog that deserves a super loving home that will cuddle him and help him through his first winter (we think he’ll love snow!)