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To my future forever home parents,
When it comes to finding love, some hoomans prefer brown or blue eyes; but don’t worry, I’ve got both!
I’d like to think I’m mature for my age. Owners love a dog who listens, and if sitting on command or walking without pulling doesn’t scream “I’m ready for a home”, then what does? Communications not an issue with me; I pride myself in being bilingual. Whether it’s “Sit” or “Sit!!”, I will sit. Everyday I’m expanding my vocabulary, including “down”, but that one is a bit confusing so I usually just smile and hope that’s right.
I’ve always been a looker, but lately my foster mom has been a fanatic for my snuggles. They say a gentleman never kisses and barks, and if you don’t believe me just ask my foster sister; I bring over all her favourite toys and then we play until she is tired.

Ever hear that song “Lean on Me”? Well that’s my philosophy. I walk alongside my foster mom everywhere she goes. It’s sometimes difficult when she’s moving a lot, but that darn song just keeps playing in my head and foster mom definitely needs a friend!

To the world, take me as I am. We can start slow with a few (hundred) kisses, but if you’re ready to move fast I’ll sit right on your lap! I like to think I am a hopeless romantic at heart since I fell in love with my foster parents (and practically every other hooman I see) at first sight!
I can’t wait to meet you!