Our Team

Nicole Simone

Nicole Simone

Founder & Executive Director

Nicole Simone started volunteering in 2006 as the only special needs rescue coordinator for a local municipal pound in Aurora, Ontario. In her time there, Simone was exposed to challenges facing homeless dogs and the people who rescue them. In her first two years, Simone visited the shelter almost every day and helped send 200 dogs to homes or rescue. Through “Unchain Ontario’s Dogs”, Simone advocated local towns to adopt anti-tethering bylaws and educated the community about local animal abuse.

In 2013, Simone started the critically acclaimed photo series Redemption Dogs. Simone met and photographed over 1000 people and rescue dogs from Toronto, Montreal, and New York City, interviewing them on the impact rescue dogs have on human life.

In August 2017, Simone unexpectedly found herself receiving distress calls from dog rescues in Houston, Texas. On September 1, 2017 Simone founded Redemption Paws.

Simone has a special interest in dogs living with medical or physical impairments, senior animals, as well as a special fondness for Australian Cattle Dogs.

Outside of Redemption Paws, Simone is an accomplished singer-songwriter performing under the name Late July. She holds her BA in Sociology and diploma in Liberal Arts.

Simone grew up between California and Ontario. She enjoys record collecting and old movies. She lives in Toronto with her two rescue dogs Indie and Irwin.

Jordyn Pritchard

Vetting Manager

Jordyn has had a special love for dogs ever since she can remember. She spent her birthdays as a young child asking for collars, leashes, bowls, and food as gifts all for a dog that did not exist, just so she could be prepared for whenever that day did come. In 2005, Jordyn met her dog and current BFF, Tucker. In the summer of 2018, Jordyn felt it was time to open their home to other dogs in need. After a long chat with Tucker, she was able to get him on-board, and Jordyn and her family became members of the Redemption Paws community as fosters. Three months later, Jordyn joined the RP management team as the Vetting Manager, while continuing to foster.

Jordyn lives in Toronto, and is a Human Resources Professional at NexJ Systems. Outside of HR and RP, Jordyn loves cheering on the Toronto Maple Leafs and going to concerts. Oh, and Tucker wanted to add that he loves every RP pup (almost) as much as we do!

Lindsay Resnick

Foster Coordinator

Having always been a lover of animals big and small, Lindsay began volunteering with Redemption Paws in June 2018. After a successful first foster, she foster failed her second dog. Wanting to continue to volunteer while her new family member settle in, Lindsay joined the foster team. In the past, she has worked with a variety of animals, from horses to goats and almost everything in between.

By day, Lindsay works as a French Immersion teacher at the TDSB. She is also an avid horseback rider, passionate Toronto sports fan and an amateur baker. Lindsay lives in Toronto with her partner and RP alum Huey. Huey is looking forward to being a foster brother in the future as well!

Jing Kao-Beserve


Whether it is working as a photographer, being a mom and dog owner, or volunteering, Jing is usually surrounded by either dogs or kids. Jing has volunteered with Redemption Paws since it was founded in 2017, when just taking a few photos for adoption profiles grew into producing the first RP fundraising calendar.  She has stepped in to coordinate anything from the arrival days, fundraising events, producing the volunteer manual or helping with data management.

Jing has volunteered with many non-profit organizations including the University of Toronto T-Holders’ Association (for Varsity Blues alum), YMCA, Girl Guides of Canada, COBA Collective of Black Artists, and her daughters’ co-op nursery school.

Jing lives in Toronto with her husband, two daughters, two cats (Mia and Darius), and two dogs (Six and Kash).  All the pets, including their first dog Kafrey (RIP), were adopted from a shelter or rescue, and happen to be black and white in colouring.