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Otto is a total love bug. He is so excited to give you kisses and loves people. In fact, he would be happy to introduce himself to every human he passes on the street but understands when they aren’t as eager to meet him (as rare as that is!) He is socialized with other dogs and is curious but respectful of cats. He is treat and praise motivated and does well in the car as well as on busy streets on leash. He has the cutest Dachshund wiggle when he walks! Otto is happy to hang out quietly in his crate at night or when his foster at work. He would really benefit from basic obedience training as he is fairly young and a smart boy who is eager to please his humans. He is already doing well at recall on his walks and responds to “come”. Otto is housebroken and pretty quiet in the house and outside during walks. He likes toys, especially his Kong with peanut butter! Otto really is the complete package and would love to meet you!