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Ophelia is an active, gentle cuddle bug! Right out the gate, she didn’t show signs of any behavioural concerns. She is quite social and loves to stop and talk to humans and other dogs, although she’s usually on a mission to get to the playground or sniff around the park (she has a keen nose!). She has a very gentle demeanor and is very calm and well behaved. She doesn’t have any issues with being around other dogs, or with any humans – she loves everyone! She is quite active and loves to play – she’s a great running buddy, although she is still mastering the city sidewalks and being gentle on the leash – her progress is great and improving daily. She LOVES to cuddle (and is great at it) so get ready for kisses and cuddles from this sweet one. Things to note about Ophelia is that she is well behaved in the bath, does not interact well with cats or squirrels and may just be the most active, social dog in the dog park!