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Introducing Olympia! This energetic girl is one awesome doggo! She’s the perfect balance of play, love and affection. She is overjoyed every time she re-finds the toy box! She loves fetch and any toy that she can get her paws/mouth on! She is not toy possessive, all she asks is that if another dog is playing with a toy, that they please stop and play with her instead.

She is a typical puppy (only 9 months old), in the sense that she does want to chew things (furniture). However she is one smart gal – a single correction and she redirects herself to a toy or chew instead. So far she seems to be mostly housetrained and learning cues to tell you she needs to go. She is a nervous pee-er but that too is already improving! She is learning that stairs aren’t so scary, especially if it means you get food to go up and down.

She’s a busy pup who will do well solo or with other dogs who don’t mind a playful companion! She’s an all around amazing dog who certainly brings a ton of fun to any room she’s in (even if it is following you into the washroom!).

Oh! She’s also an expert hugger.