Octavia was found near death’s door left bleeding on the side of the road from an injury. The pound that took her in had to cart her in on a dolly. We tried to take her back with us but when we went to get her she was so full of infection that she needed to be hospitalized. A month later we came back and she was ready to travel!

She has been in our care since the spring and has thrived. She charms everyone she meets and is a fun loving gal. She is on the low energy side but does have her moments where she wants to play and just be a dog. She has had a fair medical work up and is in good health. We believe she is a mastiff great dane mix.
She wins over everyone she meets because she’s like a loving miniature pony that just wants head pets from everyone. She’s been on City TV, attended dog prom, and loves the attention of being dressed up!