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Do you want a dog whose whole body wiggles with happiness every time you look his way? Meet Newton! This affectionate pup will feel right at home with you; whether you’re relaxing on the couch, cooking dinner or entertaining friends, he’s at ease and happy to just lie around where you are!
Newton has not had any accidents in the house and gets walks often throughout the day. He sleeps through the night without a peep and already knows a few commands – he is food motivated and learning new tricks quickly!
Newton is very excited on walks and is super eager to explore the city. In just a few short days his leash walking skills have improved immensely and we’re confident they will continue to do so with practice!
Newton has met many dogs on his daily walks and has had successful play dates too. He’s a perfect playful gentleman!
Newton’s favourite pastime is to jump up next to you with a bum wiggle and roll over onto his back for belly rubs! He has a lot of personality and an ever-wagging tail. He has so much love to give and can’t wait to meet his forever family!