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Nevada is sugar, spice and everything nice. She loves nothing more than cuddles and belly rubs from her humans and she gives all the kisses you’ll ever want. She’s good on leash and loves her long walks, but her new owners will have to be mindful of some leash reactivity around other dogs. Shorter walks throughout the day that focus on building her focus while out and about have been successful in addressing this very issue. 

Nevada needs be the only pet in the household.

This pretty girl gets a lot of attention when she’s out, she’s been on the Go-train, hung out downtown and is staying in the suburbs; she’s been great with all of it. She’ll need some practice with car rides as she’s not yet a fan and wants to sit right in your lap to keep on giving kisses, but since that’s not safe, she’ll need to be in a crate in the car for now when she’s cruising around town. 

She needs work on basic commands like sit, down and off – she loves to jump up to kiss your face, but with some love, patience and training she will be an amazing companion. She’s also been making progress on her crate training when her foster parents are at work and sleeps perfectly fine at night. She’s fully house trained too! Looking for a walking buddy to make sure you hit your 10k steps and will cuddle up for Netflix right after? She’s your girl.