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Meet Nero the supermodel! This unbelievably pretty boy is also the sweetest little love bug. He loves nothing more than cuddling with me on the couch, out on the balcony lounger, or at the end of the bed. Nero is also a bit of a shy guy. He is very shy with other dogs and people, and he is still adjusting to busyness of city living. His happiest place while outdoors is in the yard of my condo.This brave little boy is making great progress so far and I believe that in no time this little man will be trotting confidently along the street, stealing the hearts of all that come upon him.
Nero is a young pup with lots of energy to expend. He is more than happy to just nap by your side once he’s had his outdoor time. He gets along fine with the resident feline too.

Nero is a good walker, and with a little more training, he will be a GREAT walker.With his nose glued to the ground this fella loves going on adventures.

This little guy is such a catch and makes me laugh all the time. Whoever ends up with him will have a best friend for life.