This boy is so special. He is such a happy and gentle dog. He’s affectionate, demands pets by nuzzling his big nose into your body until you pet him, don’t even think about stopping… Murphy knows sit and off and how to give paw.
He’s been amazing with my two cats, has shown no interest in them except for the occasional sniff.
He’s a pup so he does want to play and have a good time but also knows when it’s time to be quiet and just enjoy a good chew toy.
He has been excellent around my two dogs, very respectful of their space and has been trying to initiate playtime.
Crate training is currently in progress. At night he’s great, he whines for a couple minutes but then settles right down.
When we first brought him home he would not use the stairs, up or down. A day later he was a total pro at going down with a little encouragement. We are still working on going up, he can do it it’s just a bit more challenging for him. But we’re just so proud of his progress!
He walks very well on a leash, needs to learn to walk on one side but he does not pull and doesn’t mind this cold weather at all.
He’s so curious about all the people he sees on our busy streets – everyone gets a sniff as they walk by.
He’s comfortable in the car, meeting new people and dogs, as well as exploring new environments!
He’s a real sweetheart and so deserving of the perfect forever home.