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Cheerful Moxie is the epitome of friendliness and exuberance! She’s come a long way in the month she’s been in foster care -she’s a smart girl who is eager to learn all there is to know about city life. She’s adapted really well to condo life and is fully housebroken and crate trained; she sleeps quietly through the night without making a peep! She is totally fine when left alone during the day and doesn’t mind some “Moxie time”, though when her foster parent comes home she’s full of wiggles and doing her happy dance!

True to her name, Moxie has a lot of energy and determination. She’s a high energy girl who needs a real workout before she’s ready to turn in the day with a snuggle session. Moxie loves to explore the outdoors and take in all the sights and sounds of the city. All the hustle and bustle of the city is very exciting to this little lady and she’ll need a family that can continue to build on her leash walking skills and her other basics. She’s a bright girl and has already learned to sit, lay down and come when called, and she’d love a home that is as eager as she is to expand her repertoire of tricks.

Once Moxie has had her exercise she is happy to hang out at home and relax. She’s a big fan of cuddling but is also able to entertain herself with a toy. She loves everyone she meets and is such an animated, expressive girl. She’s full of vim and vigor and is ready to jump into her next big adventure!

Moxie needs to be the only pet in her forever home.