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Looking for possibly the biggest lap dog in the city? Then Mowgli’s your guy!

Mowgli is a special pup who’s filled with joy and just loving his life in Canada. There’s so many new and interesting smells here! He’s a energetic dog who needs his daily dose of physical and mental exercise. Once he’s had a good workout he’s able to chill out at home and occupy himself with a good chew toy or take a snooze. Mowgli’s ideal day is spent with his favourite people, he likes to be a part of the action whether you’re making lunch or just strolling into another room so he can catch a snuggle session. He’s a super goofy playful guy who loves to engage with his humans but is happy to play by himself if you’re busy!

Mowgli is a social butterfly and absolutely loves to make new friends. He does great with other dogs and loves meeting new people. He’s working on his basic training which will be a breeze considering how bright he is! With time and consistency (and some good treats!) he’ll be a pro at loose leash walking for sure. He’s been gaining confidence with daily city living activities such as riding the in the elevator, he’s getting so much braver every single day!

This boy is a huge cuddle monster and will never pass up on an opportunity to snuggle up with you. He’s got so much love to share with everyone and will make an excellent adventure buddy for someone active who is able to continue working on his basic training and hone his skills!