Sweet Moselle is one incredibly friendly and affectionate dog – if you let her she will kiss you non-stop!!
She is the opposite of a picky eater and if you’re not careful will snatch food left on the edge of the counter and lick plates in the dishwasher. Because she is food /treat motivated it has been very helpful reinforcing her good behaviours such as going to the bathroom outside. Moselle is not crate trained, however, for bedtime she is happy to be gated in a room as long as she has a big soft bed on the floor. She sleeps throughout the night without a sound and waits patiently for someone to come down in the morning to let her out.
Moselle currently enjoys two longer walks, one in the morning and one in the evening, which allows her to burn off some of her energy. The ice covered sidewalks and parks makes it hard to properly assess her leash etiquette but so far she is more on the timid side and would benefit from a home that can help her walk with confidence. Her ideal home would be one that can provide her enough time morning and night to tire her out and also give her midday bathroom breaks (likely multiple at first to encourage housebreaking). While on walks Moselle has shown no prey-drive for other dogs, cats or squirrels.
She is nervous around other dogs (of all sizes) but is fine to say hello/sniff them out with a slow introduction. Moselle hasn’t shown any indication that she wants to play other dogs or the toys available to her inside but because she’s food motivated she will likely enjoy a Kong or another food related toy.
She is definitely like your shadow and will follow you around the house however, this stops when you go up or downstairs. She has never lived in a home with stairs before and is nervous to walk up and down indoor staircases but with enough time and support she could likely conquer this issue.
Overall Moselle is an amazing dog and would do well in a patient home that can help her build confidence and strengthen the skills she already has!