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Molly is the cutest little pup anyone’s ever met. She is happiest outside on squirrel paw-trol but greets almost everyone she meets with flat ears, a wagging tail and kisses (except some men and big dogs). She is a bundle of energy and requires a lot of exercise to keep her happy, healthy and stimulated. Once back from her (several) hour long walks, she likes to have playtime until she goes to bed. She is happy to cuddle on the couch and watch TV (she actually watches it) but prefers to watch videos of animals, especially other dogs (and squirrels). Her favourite movie so far is Beverly Hills Chihuahua.

She loves the company of other dogs and needs a doggy sibling and a fully fenced (chain link or panelled wood) yard so she can run off all her energy (and chase squirrels!) She would also prefer you to spend all your time with her when you are not at work. Bonus if you work from home.

She is a stoked little miss who is friendly, sweet, gentle, loving and playful. Her favourite toys are balls, a squeaky duck and rawhide chews. She is still working on her leash manners but is getting better and has almost gotten over her fear of stairs and doors. She is working on commands like ‘sit’ but has mastered her name and ‘come’! She is happy is the car and likes to sit backwards in the backseat, looking over her shoulder at you. She loves to use mirrors to watch you get ready in the morning. She prefers chill music, like beachy surf vibes.

She is the sweetest, cutest little pup and is a very happy girl. She will need an experienced handler in terms of walking her as she is small, but mighty. She darts out after squirrels and needs someone to be paying attention to her actions outdoors as she fits through fences and could be a flight risk/escape artist (once she is laser focused in on her prey). Unless she has a backyard to run in, she needs someone who will commit to giving her the exercise she needs every day.