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Miles is very affectionate and definitely love to cuddle. He will be totally be happy just to cuddle with you on the couch hanging out with you all day long! He is a bit shy at first but once he gets to know you he’ll shower you with lots of kisses. So sweet!

He doesn’t mind staying inside for a long period of time which makes him a perfect companion for condo dwelling. He is completely fine home alone and knows that his people will be back soon. He’s a smart little guy and will take a snooze on the couch while his people are away at work! Miles is quite shy with new people and new dogs, though he is definitely curious about them; he’s just too shy to make the first move!

He doesn’t beg to go outside and as long as he gets bathroom breaks, he is perfectly happy to stay inside. He loves to get patted and enjoys attention! He is also very playful and knows how to keep himself happy. He loves to play fetch too!

He has been very good with all the basics (eating, going for walks, sleeping and potty training) and is very smart. Within two days he started to understand how to sit. He was very quiet the first day and doesn’t bark too much – only if he sees your reflection on the window!  If you tell him “no” he will tone it down right away! He is also very good on leash. He walks right beside you and doesn’t pull at all. He will wait for you to open the door and get on the elevator and then follow you right in, occasionally glancing up at you for guidance. He is making progress on his crate training and will go in for a snooze during the day but he much prefers sleeping under a warm blanket! Miles is a total love bug; all he wants is to give love and get love in return!