Mercedes (Mercy for short!) is a sweet and happy little girl…quite literally, she’s got a few pounds to gain! She can be timid in certain situations, but loves to follow me around and get as many head rubs (and treats!) as possible. She’s not a lap dog (yet!) but likes to be near/touching her person. She loves her food (seriously, can there EVER be too many treats?!) but is receiving smaller, more frequent meals so as not to overwhelm her malnourished little digestive system. So far she’s had one pee accident in the house …and chose the expensive rug over the multiple pee pads. Good thing she’s cute! 😛 For the most part, she seems comfortable doing her business outside, and crating has been a dream! She loves her cozy little resting spot and her flamingo pillow!

She’s not too interested in toys, except for the odd ball chase, but we’re still working on retrieval. She gets pretty excited to see any other people and other pups but is still learning boundaries. Also, those cats in the house sure look fun to chase! She’s barked/lunged at them a few times but gets scared when they react and swipe at her. Calm re-direction to her area of the house seems to be working so far, and we’ve successfully been off leash with them around (under close supervision of course). She has even learned to sit quite reliably!

Miss Mercy had an unexpected trip to the vet last night for dermatitis on her back paw (chewing/licking out of boredom/fear most likely), so she’ll need oral antibiotics and a topical cream for the next few weeks. She doesn’t love the head cone but tolerates it quite well. Overall, she’s a fantastic girl with great potential, and I can’t wait to see her transformation as she gets healthier and more adjusted to “home life”!!!