Maybell is a sweet and affectionate little lady who immediately took to her foster sisters- a dog + cat and made herself right at home upon arrival at our house.   She’s got confidence and a sparkle that is brilliant to see shine since she has arrived in Canada.  She’s quiet yet as a good spunk to her, likes a good walk, has a healthy appetite + loves a good cuddle. 

She’s obedient, trained (no crate required), doesn’t jump or lick upon greeting, not destructive what so ever and has the best booty tail shake ever!

Maybell would be great in a place that doesn’t’ have a lot of stairs or if there are stairs – carpeted preferred. She’s a great size- 26lbs so definitely condo life is suitable. She doesn’t mind being picked up either which is also nice since she doesn’t love lots of wood stairs.  

She’s minimal shedder and coat is healthy/ shiny and SO SOFT!!!!

Honestly, she’s such a wonderful girl with lots of love to give. She’s really perfect for a city dweller!

Can’t wait for her to find her forever home.