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·      Maudette is super sweet and affectionate. Be prepared for all the kisses, she has so many to offer.

·      Once she’s warmed up to you (which doesn’t take very long), she is such a cuddle bug and sweet heart. She loves belly rubs and pets all day long. 

·      Be ready to play as Maudette loves to play! She especially loves tug of war with her alligator chew toy.

·      Her underbite smile is getting noticed everywhere (it’s ridiculously cute).

·      She’s been super welcoming to visitors and warmed up to them quite a bit.

·      She’s not a barker, only if she hears strange noises in the hallway or knocks on the door.

·      She’s extremely interested in meeting other people and dogs on walks, however, she gets a little shy when intros do happen and just needs a little encouragement. 

·      She’s almost fully crate trained. She doesn’t protest to going in and even ventures in on her own, but complains for a short time (approx. 10 mins) when in her crate if you’re at               home. 

·      She’s in a condo right now with no trouble at all, so any household would do. She isn’t nervous on the elevator and loves how social they are, so she can get some extra pets in.

·      Her potty training is going very well. In the short time she’s made tons of progress and just needs a schedule to keep her on track with feeding and walking. 

·      Maudette loves going on walks. She’s super energetic and walks help get rid of that energy. She’s especially interested in running after the birds and squirrels so hold on tight! 

·      She’s obsessed with the TTC (street car), we’ll be going for a ride soon because she’s just so drawn to it. But she’d likely be great on board as she likes to be held if needed and isn’t hesitant in new situations.

·      She’s really smart and is beginning to pick up basic commands like sit, stay and drop it. She also knows sitting like a good girl gets her a long way, so she does that often. 

·      She’s food motivated which works great for training her.