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Matilda is enjoying her new life in the big city!. All this adorable angel wants is constant attention and will be the little shadow you never knew you needed! She has endless amounts of love to give. She doing awesome with house training and is slowly but surely learning to love her crate.

Matilda is passionate about:

  • People!
  • Walks
  • The grass: She walks well on busy streets, but her little face really lights up with joy when she gets explore on the grass!
  • Squeaky toys
  • Treats, duh! She’s very food motivated.
  • The couch. She’ll find a favourite spot and make herself all comfortable.

She is less fond of:

  • Being without you!
  • Elevators – but she is making great progress every day and will be an expert at riding up and down in no time.

Matilda is a high energy pup who could walk for hours on end. Her jumping skills are ON POINT. She is also a super smart girl who is always teaching herself new tricks – including how to open a sliding door!

Someone will be very lucky to have this special lady in their life!