Meet little Margo! Margo gets along well with most/all dogs, with proper introductions. She can be an independent lady, but also loves to pretend she is a shadow and follow you around for love! Margo needs some work on her confidence and some overall training/manners, but she is ready to please her family! She barks sometimes when on leash, as squirrels and other dogs, but shows no aggression when she has a good introduction.

She is not crate-trained, but her Foster Mom has had no issues leaving her out and about her space; she does have the company of her Foster siblings while she is on her own, so we are unsure of how she would be completely on her own. She can be nervous of loud noises and when meeting new people, but she adjusts easily and in no time. She does jump up when excited, so a home with no small children might be best!

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