Marcie is such a loving, sweet and energetic dog. She is also a bit of a baby elephant in a China shop and is capable of defeating any kind of barrier. Her good nature makes all of this adorable and entertaining.

Marcie ran right in and let us know she is indeed a couch dog and she prefers the pillows side over the side with the protective blanket. Marcie -1, Foster Dad-0 and in love with her.

She is also very brave and curious. Marcie has eaten everything we have offered and is very excited to explore and walk in the neighbourhood. She is for some reason under the impression that she is supposed to eat ALL the snow.

She did well is her crate and slept the entire night with just a single bark.

Marcie is a quick learner and is starting to make progress on her leash manners! She also loves her crate; it’s her little happy place. She’s a super great cuddle buddy too!

Marcie would do well in an  active household that can continue to work on her manners. She cannot go to a home with cats.