It’s your boy Malcolm aka Triple Thikk Malcshake!

This happy boy is always serving up a smile and great at making friends. He gets along GREAT with our Great Dane, Penny. They play well together and I think he’d get along really well in a home with another dog.

His definitely has energy and really enjoys long walks. He’s pretty high energy when playing too. When it’s time to chill out though he has no problems lying down for a nap or playing independently with a toy.

He’s such a snuggle bug and he likes to be close to us or our dog, Penny. He’s working on crate training and needs a bit of encouragement to go inside but is quick to settle once he’s in.

He’s house trained and already knows a lot of other basics! Sit, leave it, stay and recall are easy peasy for this smart guy.

Overall, Malcolm is a total sweetheart who would make an awesome companion for someone with an active life style.