Looking for the perfect activity partner and snuggle buddy? Look no further than sweet Magnolia!

Magnolia is a quiet and extremely affectionate gal who loves to run along the water, take walks in the park and all the belly rubs you can give her! She’s a energetic dog who loves to go for a morning run, then snooze on the couch while you watch your favourite show. Magnolia likes to know what you’re up to but happy to chill out on the floor while you’re cooking or working away. While you’re out and about or away at work, she’s great in her crate and more than happy to see you when you’re home.

Magnolia is extremely gentle when meeting new dogs and people. She is such a smart girl who understands the rules, is calm when in crowds or elevators and knows when quiet time is. With time and consistency (and some good treats!) she’ll be a pro at loose leash walking too. Magnolia is thriving in the heart of the city, city noises and busy traffic don’t phase her one bit!

She has so much love to share with everyone around her and will make an excellent adventure buddy for someone who is active.