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Machi is a 4-year-old 45lb Australian Cattle Dog mix who’s playful, affectionate and lovable. She goes on 3 walks each day and has never had an accident in the house. Machi doesn’t bark, so when her foster mom comes home from work she’ll chomp at the air and smile with her front teeth excitedly. The best part about Machi is that she LOVES all people! On every single walk, she will wag her tail sweetly at other walkers hoping they’ll stop whatever they’re doing to give her some pats. It makes her day when people give in and talk to her as she adores making new friends! When it comes to dogs, she will ignore some and curiously sniffs others and then she is on her way again. Machi‘s favourite things include long walks, peanut butter Kongs and playing fetch with her cactus squeaky toy. When it’s time for bed, she heads to her crate and tucks herself in for the night and in the morning she’ll patiently wait until you wake up before she greets you. Anyone who adopts Machi is sure to fall in love with this goofy pup!