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Macey is a sweetheart who gives plenty of kisses and loves to snuggle! If she could spend all day curled up next to you or at your feet she would. She’s a great little dog who seems to have little to no interest in squirrels or cars but loves bird sounds and would probably eat every snail if she could. She loves long walks and is great on a leash but sometimes the urge to follow her nose overtakes her and she goes on little adventures but will easily continue the walk once she knows you’re on the move! “Sit” is definitely in her vocabulary and she’s now working on “stay”.

She’s a smart, playful girl who is picking up fast. She rides well in the car which makes her the perfect companion for running errands. Otherwise she can be found napping… Everywhere! And at night she falls fast asleep in her crate. While great with big people she’s a bit shy with children who are closer to her size (their excitement overwhelms her a little) but she’s always up for making new friends of all kinds for play dates and city adventures.