Sweet little Luxy is slowly but surely coming out of her shell and gaining confidence as she continues to adjust to her new life in the city. When she first arrived, Luxy was overwhelmed with the hustle and bustle of downtown living and not quite sure what to do in a home environment. After only a short time in foster care, there’s been such a difference with her. With time and patience along with lots of love, kisses, pats and some space she now asks for belly rubs and is giving kisses!! She eats well and looks forward to her daily walks. She walks with the cutest little confident trot and is a dream on leash! She has the widest grin and is always smiling when her foster parents come home from work everyday. Who wouldn’t want this pure joy in their life?

Luxy still has some ways to go and would need a patient, loving family that can help her continue to build her confidence and support her through the transition into her forever home. She’s already making progress and is sniffing people she meets in the elevator and on walks with curiosity! She’s started learning the basics and responds to her name. She’s working on her house training as well. Luxy is a real gem who is already starting to shine in foster care, and will only continue to show off her sparkling personality in her forever home!