Luther is one foxy little fella who’s huge personality matches his unique look! From his one ear up and one ear down to his plumed tail and white socks, this pup is definitely one of a kind. He’s as sweet as they come and soaks up any all attention he can get, plus he definitely makes sure to return any affection he gets tenfold. He’s loved every person he’s met so far and is quick to hop into your lap for a cuddle!

Luther is a curious lad who always enjoys exploring the great outdoors. He’s a great walking buddy and is already pretty good on leash! He likes to look back up at you to check in with where to head next and is easy to redirect away from distractions with an encouraging “c’mon bud!” to regain his focus. Traffic doesn’t bother this guy one bit. He’s also great in the car, he likes to looks out the window then curl up for a snooze. Stairs aren’t a problem for him either, he’s conquered even the steepest staircase with ease.

He’s one smart cookie too and will be so enjoyable to work with! He’s quick-witted and loves food so helping him learn his basics will be a breeze. He already seems to be house trained and is now working on his crate training. Luther is a total gem who will make an incredible companion; he’ll be sure to fill your days with endless love.