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Luna is a wonderful and affectionate young dog. She tends to be shy and cautious in new situations but has a trusting disposition.  She is crate trained and housebroken.  Luna needs a decent amount of exercise, two one-hour walks with  some fetch seems to do the trick.  She is not cat tested but doesn’t get excited by small animals while on walks.  Luna spent some time at the cottage and went swimming and for long hikes. She loves to play fetch and is super affectionate and so loving and sweet.  She is great with her foster brother and sister….she loves to play with the basset hound who is the same size and age as Luna.

Luna also went to work with foster mom and met all kinds of new people…she wasn’t shy at all and she was adored and fawned over…she loved it. After working, Luna went to the vets where she was introduced to a young child and she immediately laid down and was so gentle when the child pet her.

The photos don’t do her justice, she is beautiful, a total doll and a family will be lucky to have her!