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Did you spot the fox… meet LUIGI!

This sweet little guy has been slowly building up his confidence since arriving but every day he shows a little more of himself. He is a gentle soul who is looking for unconditional love and someone to teach him what it means to give and receive affection. He adores cuddling and being touched, he is just unsure what to do in these moments but this will change in no time.

As he is curious, he will fast become your little sidekick and want to be by your side for every adventure. 

Luigi would do well in a home with  a patient dog (low to medium energy) who would make him feel safe. He would also do well as the only dog in the home with a family willing to give him that little extra time he needs to warm up.  

Luigi stares into your soul with his longing eyes and wags his tail between his legs looking for some sort of reaction. If you squeal his name or turn on some music you get to see the true Luigi!