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Lucinda is such a doll. She’s friendly, cuddly and playful. Although we don’t think she’s ever been somebody’s furbaby, she’s completely unafraid. She approaches all new experiences with such curiosity. On a walk, she likes to sniffs the air after someone walks by her, and finds runners and cyclists fascinating. Not to mention she pauses in front of every open restaurant door. She may be tiny but she LOVES food.

In just a few days she’s already learned how to handle stairs, do her business outside (mostly), discovered squeaky toys and understands that the sight of her leash is something to get excited about. Today she played tug of war with her foster brother for the first time. She had a blast! Lucinda is just as happy being out on a walk or snuggling with her people and giving kisses. She’s very easy going and would be a great addition to any family.