Meet Luanne! She’s a gorgeous girl with the prettiest tiger-striped coat.

Luanne is amazing with dogs and was instantly playing with her foster sister as soon as she arrived at my house. She can be quite shy and nervous when meeting new people outside (tries to avoid them), but her bum still wiggles and her tail wags the whole time, so you know she’s actually interested in saying hello and she does warm up eventually!

We are working on desensitising her to the “big bad world” and it seems to be working, because she’s been walking with her tail wagging and has even been playing outside! She’s great on leash on quieter streets, and is gaining confidence on the busier/louder streets as well. However, she can sometimes pull to the side to avoid people walking towards her.  That being said, Luanne absolutely adoresher” people and wants to be with them all the time. She’ll even scoot closer to you so she can soak up all the love you can give her! She doesn’t seem to have any separation anxiety and can be left crated throughout the day.

She will need some post-adoption training to make sure her confidence can continue to grow, but it will be absolutely worth it because she is truly the sweetest girl!!