Lollie is just as sweet as they come. She is gentle, kind, calm, and her favourite thing is curling up on the couch with you. She is fully house trained – she hasn’t had a single accident yet. She is SMART and responds very well to treats, she’s speeding through learning basic commands. But don’t worry, she doesn’t beg when you’re making your own food or eating – if you ignore her she’ll just chill in her crate.

She’s pretty good on a leash and still getting used to the loud traffic sounds of city living, but a couple walks with treats to reinforce the right behaviour should do the trick. She loves long walks in the park and doesn’t bark or chase any of the other animals she sees. She will miss you when you’re gone so will do best with a family that has a flexible schedule and that can tire her out with walks and runs.

She has not been tested with cats.