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Levi has quickly adapted to life in Canada and he is loving every minute of it! He and his foster brother Jack have really settled into a routine of all fun things: playing, wrestling, napping, walking and eating! They get along so nicely and today even enjoyed some cuddles. Levi LOVES food and treats, which is proving to be very helpful in training. He is also very smart and very eager to learn. His sit is becoming much more reliable and he’s learning down. He does very well on walks, every once in a while he pulls but then realizes he’s on leash and stops. He’s comfortable walking on snow banks now and he loves when people or dogs walk by; he’s so friendly!

Levi is potty trained and hasn’t gone inside the house since his first night. He is also great in his crate; he sleeps all night without making a sound. I actually have yet to hear him bark even when there’s a knock at the door and Jack is barking. He has no signs of any separation anxiety and just seems to chill out in his crate until you let him out.

He’s very sweet and very affectionate and wants to be around people. If you go upstairs, he is capable of jumping the baby gate to get to you (which I thought was very impressive haha), but if you’re downstairs he won’t go up even if there’s no gate up.

It is such a pleasure having Levi around and I can’t wait for him to find his forever home!