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Lemon is a one year old, 30-pound, collie mix. She is a quiet little girl with a lot of love to give! She’s a little low energy and needs time to warm up to you, but once she does, you will be hard pressed to find a better fluffy companion!
She loves to mosey around the house sniffing and exploring things at her own pace and spends most of her time flopped out by the window watching the world go by. She is starting to learn commands and to play with her toys. Her curiosity brings out the little puppy in her personality!
This girl loves spending time in her crate as well but hasn’t been left alone since we got her. She eats and drinks really well and will make the most adorable faces and funny poses when her humans are eating. She is such a sweet and affectionate lady!
Lemon has yet to be taken out of the house, and her leash manners need to be worked on but she is making tons of progress and will soon be able to venture out on walks and explore the world.
She deserves a loving, supportive family that will patiently work with her to bring her out of her shell and watch her shine!