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Lebowski is such a wonderful, sweet boy. He has gone through a lot in his life, but he is still so trusting and loving. Lebowski is blind and he has no teeth. He would thrive in a quieter home but he doesn’t mind a bit of action! He loves to go for walks, but then is happy to relax on the couch for cuddles and TV time.

He is low energy so he would even be great in an apartment or small house. He would ideally be a second dog, as he enjoys the company of other animals. He also likes cats! He is incredibly affectionate – he loves to curl up in your lap and gives the best kisses! His favourite way to start the day is a long cuddle in bed.

Lebowski is very easygoing and really easy to care for. He is house trained and learns the layout of a space very quickly. He easily gets on and off beds and couches. He is even a pro at stairs! He can go up and down all on his own without issue.

You would never know that Lebowski is blind by the way he gets around on his own. He is so brave when it comes to learning new things. Lebowski would add so much love to a household.