Lasky is such a friendly and loving pup, he’s so excited to make new friends now that he’s in Toronto!

He loves to meet new humans on his walks and greets everyone with a wiggly bum and a smile! He’s a little adventurer when he’s out and about; he loves to explore his new neighbourhood and appreciates any time he can stop to smell the roses.

Lasky is goofy boy who’s a lover of flies, he’ll run around the yard chasing them to his heart’s desire. With how friendly this guy is, it’s likely he’s trying to befriend even the bugs in the yard!

He loves any attention he can get and will come to curl up on your lap for a nice afternoon snuggle. His favourite toys are tennis balls and his knotted rope, he’s a bit clumsy because of his big paws, so we don’t blame him! He also understands that some humans need down time so he is happy to go in his crate for a nap when you’ve got things to do, he won’t make a peep!

Being the young pup that he is, Lasky is still working on his basics and making amazing progress so far. He’s settling well into the city and isn’t bothered by noises of cars, trucks and construction. He’s so excited to jump into the next chapter of his life; this silly boy will be sure to put a smile on your face.