Hiya, I’m Kya!

I’m new to city-living and my foster mama says she’s so proud of how much progress I’ve made so far! I used to be spooked of stairs but now I go up and down ’em easy peasy. Not to brag but I might just be one of the smartest pups there is! When it’s time to go for a walk I sit and wait politely for my leash to be clipped on before we head out for another adventure. I love love LOVE my crate and don’t make a peep when I’m sleeping at night! Okay, well maybe I do make a peep, but it’s just me snoring. I’m full of beans and am an expert at doing zoomies; any time I get to run around is a good time in my book! The way straight to my heart is through my most favourite game, tug of war! I’m an expert at this too and haven’t lost a match yet. When I’m all outta steam it’s time for cuddle session with my favourite people. Pro-tip if you’re cuddling with me: I love having my ears rubbed! I’m an energetic lady with oodles of love to share, I’ll be the best addition to the family, I just know it!

Also I really love my people but I don’t like other animals, I’d need to be the only pet in my forever home.