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Stubby stud alert in the 6ix! Meet KENNEY! This vertically challenged fella is a friendly youngster with a serious, sensitive side. In no time at all, he’s stolen my heart with his bouncy little trot, fluffy wagging tail and his surprisingly nimble little leaps into my bed for snuggles (sometimes with a little extra bum lift from foster mom!).

Kenney is an easy going little dude who likes almost all dogs, cats, and people so far.

He is learning “sit” and “up” for the bed/couch and is starting to make progress on his other basics too! He’s making great progress on house training and is going outside almost all the time. Go Kenney! Though I think he may be accustomed to human food, he is learning that dog treats/food can be yummy too! Slap some peanut butter on it, and you’ve got a happy boy! His cute, funny little personality is emerging daily!

He crates like a dream overnight and gets into his crate easily with a little encouragement. When morning comes, he’s a little ball of excitement; he’s ready to start his day and be a part of all the action! Kenney is working on his leash training and is improving daily as he adjusts to city life.

Whoever adopts Kenney is going to be one lucky hooman! This guy will burrow his little snoot right into your heart!!! Those stubby little t-Rex limbs (flip-flapping away in the air while he sleeps) could be ALL YOURS!!!