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Keaton is a charming fella who’s come SO far in the short time he’s been in foster care, we’re so proud of him!

This boy is coming out of his shell and is loving exploring anything and everything new! New smells, new people, new friends; he loves meeting new doggy playmates and is excited to meet people. He makes friends like its his full time job. He captures people’s hearts with his friendly licks and charming smile! He’s conquered the TTC and is making great strides with his training. He knows how to sit and has improved so much on his recall and leash walking skills! Besides being the smartest fella around, Keaton is also a big cuddler. He just loves to be around you, he’ll find a spot to nap where people are hanging out, but he’s also happy to be in his own crate.

Keaton’s a beautiful boy with a beautiful heart, how could you not fall in love with that smile?