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Kato is a powerhouse of love and energy packaged into a 15-pound bundle! This guy doesn’t take up much space at your home but he’ll take up all the space in your heart! A scruffy little soul that’s eager to please, Kato is very responsive to pats and rewards and has learnt some commands in the first few hours.

He tends to reflect your energy – he is playful when you are but he’s also content to curl up and stay calm on your lap when you just want to relax. He absolutely loves toys but tends to hoard them in his crate and is learning how not to. It is pure joy to watch him leaping and running after a tennis ball! He is very comfortable in his crate and likes to sleep with a toy.

He doesn’t bark or growl normally. He’s good on the leash and is a curious little fellow who loves to sniff around. He is intrigued by other dogs but his response to interactions with them is yet to be determined. He seems wary of single men on the road but loves getting cuddles from couples or women and turns on his puppy-eyes charm to the maximum.

Consistency in training is key for him, especially when outside, because he is currently very sensitive to the slightest of sounds. Kato would do best in a house with couples or one that is not situated in a very noisy environment.