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Meet Kaluha!

She is a beautiful Australian Shepherd mix, dressed in a soft, patchy, white and cinnamon brown coat. Kaluha has the most gentle temperament, always happy and very friendly. Her demeanour is social, with excellent people skills: she is very comfortable with strangers, meeting them on the street, in parks, and at her home.

One of the most endearing traits this lovely girl shows is her affection and tactility; always grateful to feel people pet her, and always making sure she is with her owner, when walking her on a leash, she keeps turning around making sure you are there, with her. I think I see a faint smile on her as she confirms you are at the end of her leash.
In the house, she is very well behaved and quite seasoned in living inside. She is not pushy with her food, water and treats; love and attention will make her become an inseparable part of any family.
All in all, Kaluha assembles the dog qualities that make them our best friends: smart, empathic, connecting, gentle and alert. She has all the right combinations for living indoors with a friend, even better with a family. Shes a great walker, not afraid of strangers, other dogs, loud noises, traffic, and all the realities of an urban environment.