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Kali is a sweet 5 year-old lab mix with so much love to give! People are her favourite thing in the world and if you run to the store for 5 minutes, expect the most extravagant tail-wagging welcome when you return!
She is blind, and does need guidance when going out for walks. She will often stop and need pets of encouragement to continue. She doesn’t ever pull on the leash, and prefers to walk at a nice slow pace. When other dogs approach her on walks, she’s well behaved and not really interested. She much prefers to walk on paths or sidewalks instead of grass. She has trouble with stairs (because of her blindness) and prefers to take ramps whenever possible. If she does need to do stairs, she can go up much easier than down.

Without her vision, Kali relies on touch, sound and smell to find her way around. She’s very smart and learns the layout of new spaces quickly – but consistency and routine really benefit her!

Like most labs, Kali is super food motivated. Expect her to sit at your feet while you eat dinner and linger around where the dog cookies are kept hoping you’ll notice just how good she’s being.

Kali comes when called and knows the command sit. She would love to find a forever home with a family willing to roll around on the floor with her – spooning is one of her top pastimes. Other interests of Kali’s include Kongs filled with peanut butter, cats, belly rubs, meal time, and comforting hugs.

Kali loves company so much, that she really hates being left alone. She would do best in a home where someone can be home often to help her feel safe. She rarely barks, only when she’s confined. As of right now, Kali is not crate trained and gets her most peaceful sleeps when she’s next to a human.

Kali is the perfect addition for a family who has a lot of time to spend with her and is home often. She’s a gentle, sweet soul who gets along with everyone and makes new friends easily.